BT.Finance plans for 2021

Finally completed our first audit and public beta time, it took us 5 weeks, but it was worth, Thank you for your patience and support!

Now is our real beginning, we will continue to work hard to bring users the best sustainable yield under the premise of ensuring safety. We have formulated the annual plan for 2021 from several aspects.


The code has been audited by @peckshield, we will conduct more audits later, and we guarantee that the code will be audited again for every major update. Nevertheless, this does not guarantee absolute security. So we will set up an insurance fund from the governance fund, used for coverage on cover protocol.


Next week we will launch High Yield Pools strategy which auto-harvested $fARM and $SUSHI, the code has been completed and audited. Better ETH strategy and UNI strategy will be launched later, May also launch strategies related to algorithmic stablecoins such as $BAC. In a word, we will try our best to bring better yields to farmers.

We try to complete the above work in the first quarter, after the system is running stably, we will start to research and launch our featured strategy. In order to complete these tasks, we have invited strategists from well-known securities companies to join our development team.


This is the focus of our next work, we will list more DeFi platforms, find more professional promoters to start our PR and media promotion.

Governance and Community

When our promotion work is effective and there are enough users, we will start our governance and community building. The first proposal is about the allocation and use of governance funds.

2021 will be a long time, and the DeFi world will change very fast, we are very sorry that we cannot describe our plan in detail here. But please believe that we will focus on working hard for our goals, thanks for your support and wish every farmer a good harvest in 2021!



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