BT.Finance V2 Roadmap

Hello BT community,

Firstly, we would like to thanks for all of you for your continued support!
We got through from the hard time and launched our v2.1.0,which was a good beginning for us.

√Ads on

√AMA in Satoshi Club

√List on Bibox and Bilaxy

√Farming tutorial

√List on Coingecko

√@CoverProtocol Insurance

√List more yield farming and DeFi platforms

√More DeFi media PR

√Build relationship with more partners for DeFi projects

√Launch some giveaways events on twitter

√Crypto media PR

√Twitter KOLs to promote

√Community building plan launched

🔜 Airdrop for BT users and partners

√Marketing in Asia and Europe

When the second quarter is coming, we launch our roadmap for BT v2 as below:

Q2 2021

-Launch on BSC network

-Pancakeswap liquidity mining

-BSC Smart Hybrid Strategies

-BSC community AMA

-Youtube promotion

-KOL promotion

-Live on some wallets

Q3 2021

-Launch on Heco network

-Heco Smart Hybrid Strategies

-Mdex liquidity mining

-Chinese community promotion

-KOL promotion

-Live on more wallets

-List on some yield farming platforms

Q4 2021

-Ethereum Smart Hybrid Strategies

-Innovative products to increase the TVL

-Collaborate with more projects

-BT and NFT airdrop

-KOL promotion

-Live on more wallets

-List on more yield farming platforms

This is just the beginning of V2, BT.Finance is redefined as a multi-chain DeFi yield aggregator, which will be gradually launched to BSC, HECO and other platforms. BT.Finance will continue to bring sustainable and best yield to users! These plans are only preliminary plans and could be adjusted according to the actual situation. BT.Finance reserved the right of final explanation

Join us:






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