Week 14 Updates: CMC listed BT, Compensation solution was implemented, V2 is coming!

Dear Farmers:

We went through ups and downs in February, Thanks all of BT community members’ continued support! Fortunately, spring has come!

we went through the flash loan exploit and the market callback. However, The Devs worked hard to fix the bug timely, the PeckShield team immediately assisted us in analyzing and positioning the attack and assisting the development team in fixing the problem. In the following update, we will add slippage control to add more defenses.

Moreover, the compensation solution is being implemented. Meanwhile, the operation team continued to carry out the promotion plan. We are still actively working to build the best yield for tokens.

Because of the exploit, our promotion had been significantly affected, but in March we will actively make up for the operation plan that was not completed.

In February, we have completed the following missions:

√@CoverProtocol Insurance

√Crypto media PR

√Twitter KOLs to promote

√Listed CMC

And we have created the BT Chinese, Japanese & French telegram groups. Thanks to all volunteers, and we hope that there will be more volunteers to establish BT groups in different languages in the future. If you are interested in managing BT community work, please contact the admin @BTFinanceDeFi on telegram to hepl us to bulid the related BT communities.

The upcoming V2 has checked and fixed the codes with the audit team by several times, and has conducted internal white hat tests also. After V2 launched, we will make more efforts to bring better products and benefits to farmers. BT. Finance will also be launched on BSC and HECO network about the end of March or early April.

About the airdrop which originally scheduled in March, was temporarily postponed because of the compensation solution.

Emission Overview

·In week 1, 7,727.40 $BT were issued.

·In week2, 7518.76 $BT were issued.

·In week 3, 7315.75 $BT were issued.

·In week 4, 7118.23 $BT were issued.

·In week5,6926.04 $BT were issued.

·In week6,6739.03 $BT were issued.

·In week7,6557.08 $BT were issued.

·In week8,6380.04 $BT were issued.

·In week9,6207.78 $BT were issued.

·In week10,6040.17 $BT were issued.

·In week11,5,877.08 $BT were issued.

·In week12,5,718.40 $BT were issued.

·In week13,5,564.00 $BT were issued.

·In week14,5,413.78 $BT will be issued.

$BT emission in week 14 is further reduced by 2.7% from last week’s emission of 5,564.00. For details, please refer to:Eission Table.

As the emission plan, There will be 5,413.78 BT tokens issued in Week14, 2.01% of the total supply,and 21/27 of these tokens (4210.72) will be distributed to yield farmers.

The weighting of $BT rewards for various pools 14th week is as follows:

Pool 1(BT Stake) : 7%

Pool2(BT/ETH UNI-V2): 70%


bETH 5.7%

bWBTC 2.2%

bUSDC 2.6%

bUSDT 2.6%

b3CRV 0.6%

b3RenWBTC 0.7%

bWBTC SLP 2.0%

bUSDC SLP 2.7%

bUSDT SLP 2.7%


bBAC UNIV2 0.7%

Join us:

Telegram: https://t.me/btdotfinance

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9y5nKaqjmP

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btdotfinance

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