Week 2 rewards Updates

Greeting farmers:

BT.Finance, in just one week since launched on December 2nd, we are so excited to finished many things last week:

1.TVL has reached $1M

First of all, thanks to the efforts of the operation team and passionate farmers, BT.Finance’s TVL has reached $1M on the 6th day since launched.

2.Security audits

We are very glad to select PeckShield Inc., an authoritative security audit company in the industry to perform a security review and full audit of the entire BT.Finance smart contracts. They have already started work, and the audit report came out in early January. Thanks for their support.

3. UI bug is resloved.

Several UI display bugs have been fixed. Pool2 The APY and other data are very accurate now. Thanks to the development team’s hard work.

4. Snapshot vote

We choose @SnapshotLabs for our governance vote, and https://vote.bt.finance is used to vote for BT Improvement Proposals (BIPs). BT/ETH liquidity providers enhanced the power to shape the future of the protocol.

Emission Overview

·In week 1, 7,727.40 $BT were issued.

·In week2, 7518.76 $BT will be issued.

$BT emission in week 2 is further reduced by 2.7% from last week’s emission of 7,727.40. For details, please refer to:Eission Table.

As the emission plan, There will be 7,518.76 BT tokens issued in Week2, 2.78% of the total supply, and 21/27 of these tokens (5847.9) will be distributed to yield farmers.

The weighting of $BT rewards for various pools 2rd week is as follows:

Pool 1(BT Stake) : 3%

Pool2(BT/ETH UNI-V2): 42%


bETH(ETH Vault) 3%

bWBTC(WBTC Vault) 14%

bUSDC(USDC Vault) 11%

b3CRV(3CRV Vault) 12%

bcrvRenWBTC(crvRenWBTC Vault) 15%

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