Greeting Farmers:

With the weather getting colder and colder, farming has reached the third week. As always, let’s take a look at what BT achived last week.

1.TVL has reached $1.5M

BT.Finance’s TVL exceeded $1.5M on the 10th day since launched. Thanks to the efforts of the operation team and passionate farmers.

2.Listed on three platforms

We are pleased to announce that we have launched on three platforms:, Defi Llama and debank. Thanks for thier listed, we are excited to have thier support and trust. And we will be on more platforms as soon as possible, please wait patiently, and we also expect more people to know us. Here are our links:

Emission Overview

·In week 1, 7,727.40 $BT were issued.

·In week2, 7518.76 $BT were issued.

·In week 3, 7315.75 $BT will be issued.

$BT emission in week 3 is further reduced by 2.7% from last week’s emission of 7315.75. For details, please refer to:Eission Table.

As the emission plan, there will be 7315.75 BT tokens issued in Week3, 2.71% of the total supply,and 21/27 of these tokens (5690) will be distributed to yield farmers.

The weighting of $BT rewards for various pools 3rd week is as follows:

Pool 1(BT Stake) : 5%

Pool2(BT/ETH UNI-V2): 67%


bETH(ETH Vault) 4%

bWBTC(WBTC Vault) 5%

bUSDC(USDC Vault) 6%

b3CRV(3CRV Vault) 6%

bcrvRenWBTC(crvRenWBTC Vault) 7%

Join us:




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