Dear Farmers,

Winter is here but BT is in summer! Hot and stunning token in the field. Let’s take a look at what BT achived last week.

Last week review

  1. Pool 2 APY has reached 1830.79%

While Bitcoin broke $20,000 on Dec.17th, $BT price raised 57%. Pool 2 has reached a high yield ratio at 1830.79%. Although it is fluctuated through out times it’s a good sign of the token’s growth.

2.TVL increased to 2.8M! Total Liquidity hit 0.4M!

TVL has increased from 2M on Dec.17th to 2.8M on Dec.21th and the liquidity has also doubled in those 4 days. $BT price has gone up 2x too since last week. We are moving in a good direction and thanks to our good community members who have contributed to this big improvement too.

3.Airdrop tests for our strategy partner: $PICKLE $ALPHA, ibETH, $wBTC, $RGT.

We have completed some airdrop tests for our strategy partners: $PICKLE, $ALPHA, ETH and $wBTC holders as well as $RGT holders. After the audit, more $BT and ibETH holders will be officially airdropped.

Emission Overview

·In week 1, 7,727.40 $BT were issued.

·In week2, 7518.76 $BT were issued.

·In week 3, 7315.75 $BT were issued.

·In week 4, 7118.23 $BT will be issued.

$BT emission in week 4 is further reduced by 2.7% from last week’s emission of 7315.75. For details, please refer to:Eission Table.

As the emission plan, There will be 7118.23 BT tokens issued in Week4, 2.64% of the max supply,and 21/27 of these tokens (5536.4) will be distributed to yield farmers.

The Pool1 and Pool2 Weighting is the same as last week. The weighting of $BT rewards for various pools 4rd week is as follows:

Pool 1(BT Stake) : 5%

Pool2(BT/ETH UNI-V2): 67%


bETH(ETH Vault) 3%

bWBTC(WBTC Vault) 5%

bUSDC(USDC Vault) 6%

b3CRV(3CRV Vault) 7%

bcrvRenWBTC(crvRenWBTC Vault) 7%

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