WEEK 7 updates, SLP strategies release

Dear Farmers,

Finally completed our first audit and public beta time, It took us 5 weeks, but it was worth. Thank you for your patience and support!

Now is our real beginning, we will continue to work hard to bring users the best sustainable yield under the premise of ensuring safety.

Last week review

1.We completed the security audit of smart contracts by PeckShield Inc., and the finanl audit report can be found here:https://github.com/peckshield/publications/blob/master/audit_reports/peckshield-audit-report-btdotfinance-v1.0.pdf

2.Stategy*SLPFarm and StategySushiSLPFarm launched, which auto harvest $SUSHI and $FARM, and the code has been completed and audited. Next week, StategyBACPickle and StategyMICFarm will launch, which auto harvest $BAS $PICKLE $MIS $FARM. Better $ETH strategy and $UNI strategy will be launched later. In a word, we will try our best to bring better yields to farmers.

3.We have repurchased 238 $BT and put it into the treasury address in the five weeks of the beta time. This means that we can buy back more than 2500 $BT tokens with 5M TVL in one year. Users can check the repurchase amount at anytime, the repurchase share of BT will be distributed to pool 1 after half a year. You can check from: https://etherscan.io/address/0x80411aa06c3486dea6ecefaa413834819e38370e

4.TVL increased to 6.3M! Total liquidity hit 0.7M! We are moving in a good direction and thanks to our good community members who have contributed to this big improvement too.

5.We have formulated the annual plan for 2021 from several aspects: security, strategies, promotion and governance and community. We have hired professional operators, and we will start our marketing work in the next weeks.We will list on more DeFi platforms, find more professional promoters to start our PR and media promotion, and the most crucial thing is to be listed on Coingecko. You can read the article before from: https://btfinance.medium.com/bt-finance-plans-for-2021-9416555e7ee2

Emission Overview

·In week 1, 7,727.40 $BT were issued.

·In week2, 7518.76 $BT were issued.

·In week 3, 7315.75 $BT were issued.

·In week 4, 7118.23 $BT were issued.

·In week5,6926.04 $BT were issued.

·In week6,6739.03 $BT were issued.

·In week7,6557.08 $BT will be issued.

$BT emission in week 7 is further reduced by 2.7% from last week’s emission of 6739.03. For details, please refer to: Eission Table.

As the emission plan, There will be 6557.08 BT tokens issued in Week7, 2.43% of the total supply,and 21/27 of these tokens (5099.95) will be distributed to yield farmers.

The weighting of $BT rewards for various pools 7th week is as follows:

Pool 1(BT Stake) : 5%

Pool2(BT/ETH UNI-V2): 65%


bETH(ETH Vault) 2.2%

bWBTC(WBTC Vault) 5.2%

bUSDC(USDC Vault) 5.6%

b3CRV(3CRV Vault) 5.7%

bcrvRenWBTC(crvRenWBTC Vault) 5.3%





Join us:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/9y5nKaqjmP

Telegram: https://t.me/btdotfinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/btdotfinance

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